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About iGEEK Savant -

Roshan Kumar Yadav

Roshan Kumar Yadav

Founder of iGEEK Savant


Welcome to iGeek Savant, where innovation and expertise converge to create an exceptional Apple experience! I am Roshan, the proud founder and creator of iGeek Savant, and I’m thrilled to embark on this tech-savvy journey with you. At iGeek Savant, my primary focus is on crafting insightful how-to guides, packed with pro tips and expert insights, to empower you in the world of Apple.

Meet Roshan - The Apple Aficionado

From the very beginning, my journey in technology has been one of awe and fascination, leading me to pursue a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). As I delved deeper into the world of Apple, I realized that there was a need for a comprehensive platform where users could easily access vital information and unleash the full potential of their Apple devices. That’s when the idea for iGeek Savant was born.

Empowering You with How-to Guides

As the founder of iGeek Savant, my passion lies in simplifying the intricacies of Apple products for you. Through my how-to guides, I aim to bridge the gap between technical complexity and user-friendly solutions. Whether you’re a tech novice or an experienced user, my guides will equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate your Apple devices with confidence.

Going beyond the fundamentals, I am committed to providing you with more than just the fundamentals. This focus is evident in my precisely prepared how-to guides, which are designed to give you a competitive advantage. Each guide is painstakingly packed with a plethora of pro tips and expert insights, meticulously unveiling Apple gadgets’ hidden gems and sophisticated features. These insights are like keys to a treasure trove of advanced skills that will take your Apple experience to new heights. With these vital tools at your disposal, you will go on a voyage of unknown depths of productivity and unbounded creativity. Prepare to go beyond the ordinary as you enter the land of infinite possibilities and take your relationship with Apple to new heights.


At iGeek Savant, we’re not just a blog; we’re a thriving community of like-minded Apple enthusiasts. Together, we share knowledge, experiences, and a passion for technology. Join us as we celebrate the wonders of Apple and embark on a journey of continual learning and discovery.


To our cherished community and readers, I extend my deepest gratitude. Your trust in iGeek Savant’s vision and content drives me to uphold our commitment to excellence. Your feedback and engagement fuel our passion to continually enhance our offerings.

Let's Geek Out Together...

As the founder and guide at iGeek Savant, I’m thrilled to share this incredible tech adventure with you. Join me as we explore the vast possibilities of Apple technology, unlocking new horizons and empowering ourselves along the way.

Stay tuned for exciting updates, new discoveries, and a shared journey of geeking out over all things Apple!